Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your Nerves Gather With The Altitude

You commented on how I sometimes use a comma at the end of my sentences, instead of a period
And I told you that I guess it's because I'm not very good with goodbyes,

Boyfriend went home to Toronto again. I'm always so sad to say goodbye if I'm not the one leaving.
Now to plan the next two weeks in Edmonton, and get stuff on my to-do list done.
What can I do for two whole weeks?
Hang out with friends and family of course. Work. Work out every day. Perhaps do a road trip. Maybe go meet my friend Jillian Walker in person. I met her through twitter after she tweeted about reading my blog. I really want to meet her.
I've been having weird dreams since my skydiving experience, about me holding on to the parachute and letting go, falling to my death. And then I have dreams about sleeping alone in my basement-- which feels real, because I know that's where I am, and it feels like I am awake. Tonight I attempt sleeping in the basement alone. Night-light on standby.

Listen to this cover of Coldplay's Viva La Vida, done by Lady Gaga!

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