Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Soul Mate

Thank you for the amazing response to yesterday's blog post. Within a few hours, my email inbox was flooded with emails and applications from all over the world.

...That's a total lie.

I woke up to the most amazing response to yesterday's blog post, posted on http://jillianwalker.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/in-response-to-casting-call/

Any further applications will have to be a lot more creative than this. I'm in love.

Ps, check her out at http://jillianwalker.wordpress.com/

Tonight I got home from work and did my usual check on @MarleyLynnG‘s blog, Bright Lights.

Today’s post was a little different than the rest. Today Marley called out for a soulmate… Now, I have never met Marley. I’ve followed her blog. I’ve tweeted her way. We Facebook. We offer support to each other. But have I ever met her? No.

Her post touched my heart and made me smile. [Seriously, this girl brings me such joy].

So in response to her blog post, I’m offering the following:

A Good Communicator?

Good Sense of Humor?

Enthusiasm for Life?

An Ambitious young lady?

Loyal Too?

Some P Action?

Hookups and Discounts?

Good Wardrobe to Borrow from?
[I think we're the same size too!]


PS – You would be silly not to have this girl in your life.

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  1. lol i read Jillian's post when she published it a few weeks ago... and then just randomly came across your post...and now i'm seeing how small our world really is!!!