Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Privilege Of A Lifetime Is Being Who You Are

"We don't know anything. We don't know how to cure a cold or what dogs are thinking. We do terrible things, we make wars, we kill people out of greed. So who are we to say how to love?"

While watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" the other day, I felt very touched when I heard the inspiring story of a husband and father who suffers from ALS, coaches and mentors at-risk teens, and opens his heart and home to others. While his health and body is deteriorating and his prognosis is not good, his family always has such a positive attitude towards life.

I was especially touched by the wife and mother of this family, who commented on how people have shown sympathy for this burden she has to carry-- To which she responded by saying:

"I love my husband so much. It's not a burden, it is a privilege to be able to walk through this journey with him"


  1. My brother had a really cool speaker at his grad. Their grad quote was something about opportunity knocking on the door. And she took that quote, and talked about how sometimes, opportunity doesn't knock on the door, it knocks on you. She was an amazing basketball star who found out she had a muscular degenerative disease and is now a wheelchair basketball champ. So she told the story of her life and instead of saying then this terrible thing happened to me...she would say "And then opportunity knocked me down again". And that's the motto of how she lives her life. Everything she has gone through, she has seen as a total positive, and used it like one. I don't think I will ever forget her speech, it was so incredibly amazing. Not seeing things as struggles, but just like you said, making them into positives.

  2. that is incredible!

    PS: Marley...wanna email me some nutrition stuff?!