Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have been using the law of attraction all wrong.

Its kind of like how your toast always seems to fall face down, and birds tend to crap right in the middle of your windshield. There are other probabilities, but the least wanted one always seems to happen.

Sometimes I'll think of the things I'm afraid of, and wish so much that they WILL NOT happen, but then they do. And its my own fault because the universe answers your thoughts, even the negative ones.

So when I think
"Ohh I really hope I don't get sick for the weekend"- I get sick for the weekend
"Please please please don't let me get stuck with that teacher for my exam" - and then I do.

Reword your thoughts. Hope for the good things in a positive way.

But in other news, I had another photoshoot this morning and it was awesome.

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