Monday, October 18, 2010

Marley For President

The election in Edmonton and in Calgary is going on today, and I have been doing my research for the election in Toronto coming up next week.

I have never voted before, and I am looking forward to fulfilling my civic duty for the first time here in Toronto.

I have done my research, and met a few of the councillors for my ward. I have read all the standpoints for the mayoral candidates and I've chosen who I am most in agreement with.

I was very surprised to read that one of the candidates is in favor of a red light district. In Toronto?
...that seems controversial. Can somebody comment on this blog post and explain the pros and cons to having a red light's district in Toronto?

All this political talk reminds me of the time I was President in High School...

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  1. oh hey that's me!

    I think the red light district is relating to the recent laws passed about prostitution, claiming that it will make it safer for women. I personally disagree because you can look at places like Amsterdam where they are trying to clean up their red light district, but it's still heavily influenced by mob groups and such. For one of my journalism classes we had to go out and interview people on this new law and one guy happened to be a retired social worker. He said that it won't make it any safer because the girls who get into this lifestyle are already really vulnerable and get "pimps" at a young age. Even under this new law there can be body guards and such but I don't think that'll stop the girls from being possessions and ultimately have their fate in the hands of these pimps.

    Anyways sorry for the long answer, that's just my take on it!