Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Measure Of Life Is Not Its Duration, But Its Donation

We all have 100% to deal with in our lives: 10% is important, 90% unimportant. The secret to a happy, productive life is to deal with the 10% and let the 90% slip

I am feeling productive lately. In addition to waking up every day at the break of dawn to exercise...
I am working at the University of Toronto. It feels like I'm living in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. There's bitching and complaining about others, and I'm fighting for surgeries.

I also got my Ontario driver's license and became an organ donor today.
I've always thought that it makes sense to give to others when they need it, especially when it comes to blood and organ donations. Why not?! It's not like I'm going to be using it after I've expired. Although I have always felt like this, for some reason I felt nervous while signing those papers. What a crazy thing to think about... that one day, I will not exist, and someone will have in their body, the same parts that were once in mine.


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  1. Thanks for trying to help me achieve all my dreams Marley. Lots of love to you.