Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last night I attended a lecture by a celebrity psychic and medium, Chip Coffey from A&E shows: "Paranormal" and "Psychic Kids".

You always have to be a little skeptical and take everything they say with a grain of salt. But a lot of the time, I am always interested in their stories and what they have to say.

What's your theory on Deja Vu? His was that before you are born, your soul/spirit, sets out a plan. When you have those moments of deja vu- you've touched a point on that plan, or you're on the right track. Or common occurrences every day like seeing 11:11 on the clock-- he said that those odd moments tell you to stop and take a look around you. Figure out what the world is trying to tell you.

"You've got 2 eyes, 2 ears, and 1 mouth- which proves what you should be using twice as much"

Then he had time for questions and interaction with the audience. Some asked about lost loved ones and some asked for psychic readings. In the middle of this session he pointed to my boyfriend -who didn't even have his hand up, or was hoping to be picked. He said "I feel like I need to talk to you... Do you have any lost loved ones?" - Which he does not.
He asked me - I do not either.
Then he talked more to us and said that something regarding Halifax is going to come up in our lives- I have no idea what this may be because I have absolutely no relation to Halifax, nor does John.
Then Chip asked:
"Are you two married? No? You should be. Marry her."

And I can't say its bad advice!

Just kidding. I'm not getting married anytime soon, but thanks Chip.

Then we went to the Haunted Keg Mansion where he did a ghost investigation. He had the lights flickering on and off and some people said they felt like they were being touched or cold or had heavy pressure in their chest from the spirit's energy.

It was a very interesting experience. I'd love to hear if you have any paranormal encounters or experiences. If so, please message in the comments box below!

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  1. Hi Marley!

    Interesting post! I kinda feel the same way that you do, sort of on the fence about this. I too take it with a grain of salt. I have never had any interesting experience of the sort.

    2.5 years ago I lost my Dad in a sudden accident. Prior to this, I never thought much about an alternative world, until this happened. When my Dad died, I burned to know where it was that his 'soul' went. So I booked an appointment with a medium. $200 later she had told me a lot of things that brought me peace and comfort, but I'm still not sure I buy it. A lot of her comments were generic and some even turned out to be inaccurate.

    Since this, I've ALWAYS looked for signs or clues that my dad is around me...whether it be a chill or a flicker of the lights. Nothing. 2.5 years and nothing has ever happened! boo.

    oh well. I'd love to be one of those people who truely believed they were being contacted by spirits and such. HOW COOL! I constantly think back to the movie "Ghost". What a classic.

    Like you, I will remain curious about this topic for here on out. I'd love to hear your follow-up if anything relating to Halifax happens!