Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Every Marriage That Doesn't End In Divorce Ends In Death

Great news everyone...

The Canadian divorce rate is DOWN!

I bet you weren't expecting that to be my good news. You were probably expecting me to say "I changed my mind, I'm NOT quitting blogging!" after the overwhelming response from yesterday's blog.

...just kidding, there was no overwhelming response, just the two people that actually read this blog: Mom. And Dad.

JUST KIDDING my Mom and Dad don't read my blog. Well, they do, just not every day like some of my faithful readers... who yelled at me last night for the thought of cutting back on blogging.
But what about my New York Times Best Seller?!

Anyway, the Canadian divorce rate is down which means that us Canadians are doing something right. Perhaps from now on, when people get married they should move to Canada if they want a better chance at love. And then when they retire they can move back to the states. Florida, to be specific.

Now the statistic says that a third of all marriages in Canada end in divorce.

Then again, could this statistic also lead to the fact that a lot more people aren't actually doing the wedding dance? A lot of couples are satisfied with being common-law-- which makes sense with how freakin expensive weddings are.