Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Am Not High Maintenance

I used to wonder if my amount of daydreaming affects my sleep at night. Most people can't remember their dreams at night when they are asleep, but they can always remember their dreams during the day when they are awake. If you have recurring dreams when you are asleep at night it is said that your subconscious is trying to tell you something, or perhaps something may be wrong. If you have recurring dreams when you are awake during the day, it is a wonderful thing because you're setting out goals and daydreaming emits positive energies for your life.

I will never stop day dreaming. The amount of time I spend day dreaming never increases or decreases, just the topics and the ideas my head conjures up changes.

I'm good at keeping people awake. Not always in a way they enjoy. I get so chatty right before bedtime. This was a habit as a child as well. I'd instigate long intelligent debates and conversations. I've had the light turned off and the door closed on me more than once. What does this mean? I love to sleep, but getting there is a battle.

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  1. My dreams at night are very vivid & I can pretty much remember what happened in them. Some nights I have multiple dreams & I can still recall all the details. I had a really crazy dream last night. Ask me tomorrow & I'll tell you what happened.