Friday, November 19, 2010

What's Love Got To Do With It

Have you ever wanted something very badly and then gotten it? Then you know that winning is many things, but it is never the thing you thought it would be. Poor people who win the lottery do not become rich people. They become poor people who won the lottery.

Couples meet, they fall in love, they make a commitment, move in together and (maybe) get married...
Then what? Over half break up! Obviously, LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH to sustain a relationship.

5:1 Ratio:
Research shows that couples are significantly more likely to stay together if they have a ratio of five positive interactions for every one negative interaction. Apparently this ratio is 80% accurate in predicting divorce, so make sure every time you annoy your significant other, you give him/her five hugs and kisses in return. For every negative remark or comment, there are five positive ones. This develops a "reservoir of positive feelings" meaning that we "bank" these positive feelings and they counteract negativity that is inevitably in all relationships.

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