Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Do you ever have those days where you could care less if you ever had to communicate with anyone in the world for the rest of your life? Maybe you even think that you will start to avoid other people at all costs. They don't understand you and they don't appreciate you or what you stand for or how you feel. Sometimes I feel like it is a pattern. Something will go wrong and I will have flashbacks of being left out/bullied/teased on the school yard in Elementary school

When I feel this way, it doesn't last long. It either takes a good long nap, a conversation with mom, or a trip to the Disney store. And I don't mean retail therapy. There is a 60-year old man who has been working at the disney store for 16 years and absolutely loves what he does. It's like a playdate every time I see him. He doesn't remember our last meeting, but he takes me all over the store like an excited child at christmas, showing me the new toys. He knows all of the character names, all of the movies and all of the trivia behind them-- which is something we have in common, as I am a self-proclaimed Disney expert. He inspires me because he absolutely loves his job and sharing his joy with others. Which in turn, reminds me that I do not actually want to shut myself out from people for the rest of my life, and I hope to find something in my life that I want to share with the rest of the world just like this man.

As much as other people have the power to crush you down, they also have the power to inspire you. And ultimately, how you feel is up to you.

Every time you step outside you're dealing with life and you're trying to stay sane, for a lack of better words. Balance, to me, is the key; not getting too high, not getting too low - It's like life's tutorial on how to actually make it through life without becoming insane and driving yourself to a life full of hatred and just not wanting to be here.

Song of the day, that sends this same message: Don't get too high off praises, and don't get too low from opinions. The music video makes me wish I could dance. Which I possibly could do, if I applied myself. However, if it’s not just me alone and in front of the mirror… I’m very incapable.

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