Monday, December 20, 2010

Bring Your Face Over Here So I Can Rub This In It

I've broken my parents- this is what I am told

I only know the experience of being the oldest child, so I cannot speak of "middle child syndrome" or what its like to be the youngest. I was an only child for six years before my brother was born. Other than that I have a lot of cousins- all of them being male on my mom's side, so on holiday gatherings I am often singled out for being a girl... But that's a different story.

Since I returned to Edmonton for the holidays, I've been told that I've broken in my parents. I've paved the road of discipline for all of those who follow in my path-- namely, my brother.

It's not fair, and there is no solution.

Would I have to be the one spending evenings fighting for my right to stay up an hour past bedtime to watch the good tv shows so I wouldn't be left out of conversation at school... And he can stay up until he wants and watch anything he desires? Of course.

Would I be the one staying home like a loser during weekend school ski trips because my parents wouldn't allow me to go... But he has permission for any school trip, as well as permission to fly across the country for a band trip to Toronto? Well, sure, why not!

There should be monuments erected for the big brothers and sisters who break down the protective walls of our parents. We should be honored and appreciated for the wars we fought, for our bravery, and our sacrifice.

Perhaps can we conclude that in the end we are the ones who are better off? Did we grow stronger than those whose parents allowed them to do as they pleased?

I used to ask my Mother why I was the only kid that was still sitting in a car seat looooong after my friends had outgrown theirs.

"Because I love you more than their parents love them"

So, to the younger generation, I say to you:



  1. You have hit the nail on the head. Haha. I could rant about this same topic for hours. I made powerpoint presentations and wrote essays about why I as a 16 year old should have been able to stay out until 11 instead of 10 and got denied....the little brother was 16 and came rolling in at 2 am and hadn't even told my parents where he was going and all was a-ok. Monuments indeed.

  2. you were in a carseat longer because you are a troll. your parents didnt love you more, they simply thought that if they kept you safe, you would one day lead them to the treasure in central park.

  3. Very creative, well done anonymous.