Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't Give Me Ideas, Give Me Implementations

While writing thoughts and ideas out on napkins in a coffee shop sounds romantic, with the constantly advancing technology, its no longer realistic when you can type thoughts into your smartphones.

If I had time traveled and been dropped into 2010 I would be confused about why people walk down the street and look like they are talking to themselves. Bluetooth.

Why peruse through catalogs and stroll down main street window shopping... When you can go online and it will be shipped to your house within 2-5 business days?

You can even hire people to do your grocery shopping and deliver it to your door.

Maybe that's why society is lonelier than ever. Society now compared to years ago does not have as many family gatherings and we don't have as many friends. BUT we do have technology and online communities. Life is made available without having to leave your couch/computer chair.

Things are simpler, and easier, and convenient.

Good? Bad? Your thoughts?

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