Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome, 2012

Sometimes my reflection needs a stern talking to. Hello, it's a brand new day. Today you can start right over. Forget old obligations, you can throw away all your old hopes, too. Why are you still wishing on that same old star? That was somebody else's star. You're brand new today! Dream a new dream!

$#!± happens! Embrace it!

I cringe when I hear friends saying "2010 sucked".
Look at the bright side of things. Make the best of everything and be thankful for what you have. If things go wrong, learn from it, and be grateful for the lesson. If things don't go as planned, remember, its for a reason.

I've seen so many lists of resolutions and ideas for the new year, so I've taken some and made a few of my own. A lot of them seem like common sense, but sometimes we could all use the gentle reminder.

Rules for 2011

1. If you have a significant other in your life, treat them as you want to be treated and never forget to show love and appreciation.

2. It's okay to admit that you're young, fab and NOT broke. Celebrate your success.

3. Don't waste time crying over little boys and girls who don't appreciate you for who you are and hinder you from being who you want to be.

4. It's okay to be 22 or even 32 or 42 and not know what you want to be when you grow up.

5. Many people will try to judge your spending and life style habits, don't let it get to you. It's your life, your money and no one else's business.

6. No matter how old you are by number, never forget what it feels like to be young and alive.

7. People are always going to talk, so just do your thing. You may as well give them something to talk about.

8. Don't keep company with those who constantly compare themselves to you. Keep company with those who love you for you and enhance your life.

9. Ladies, if you can't find your prince, there is nothing wrong with enjoying kissing all the wrong frogs.

10. Live your life for you: not your parents, not a man, not your friends. It is the only way you will ever truly be happy.

11. You're never too old to learn something new

12. In your life you will wind up with a select few friends who are more like your soul mates. Cherish them, they'll be the ones around when the party is over.

13. You're going to make mistakes: the wrong career, the wrong major, the wrong boyfriend. Everything happens for a reason- You'll learn something, recover and come back better than ever.

14. Plan for tomorrow but enjoy today

15. Live each day with no regrets. Don't fret over the past, even the bad parts shape us for the future.

Have a very Happy New Year. Make good decisions tonight, and have a safe ride home!

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