Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brevity Is The Stamp Of Beauty

I read this poem on the subway. I love the feeling of falling in love with words. It's like a summer romance that leaves warm memories but didn't end in heartbreak because you knew it wouldn't last and there would always be another...

I take my Anna everywhere.
She is so beautiful she can break
a man's heart with a look,
the proud thrust of her shoulder.

She tells me she will die young.
I tell her all beautiful women have the same
premonition. Brevity is the stamp
of beauty, sealing it in the mouths of men.

I take my Anna everywhere.
She has the unpitying gaze of a goddess.
All the men who see her
want to live their wrecked lives forever.


  1. Do you recall who wrote this? I can't get the poem out of my head and was glad to find someone had copied it down from the TTC ads. Yet, I cannot find any information on the author.


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