Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Things Don`t End Unless They End Badly

Because why would I want a relationship that doesn’t bleed me dry? Then again, why would I want a relationship that bleeds me dry? My heart is a tangled mess of criss-crossed red and green wires; contradiction after contradiction. Do I cut the red one, or the green one? I want a relationship that is emotionally intense, yet I want a relationship that is easy-going and relaxed. I want a person that loves me more, yet based on past experience I would never get into a relationship where I love that person less. I mean, I guess a lot of us settle for the safe kind of love, where you know you will have someone’s arms to return to at the end of the day - where you know your heart is safe. But deep down inside, I think all of us crave for the type of love that tears us apart and messes with our mind. No, I am not talking about the emotionally destructive sort of relationships. What I mean is - I think all of us secretly want to push our limits, test our boundaries and lose ourselves in the intensity and passion of here and now. We want to be kept on the edge. (yet we want to feel safe, secure in the knowledge that we will not spend the rest of our lives lonely and broken-hearted.) It is so hard to strike a balance.

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