Friday, January 25, 2013

How We Wait Is Just As Important As What We Are Waiting For

Life will work for us when we realize that we must learn how to wait. 

Sometimes it's hard to wait. We wait in fear, we wait in anger, we wait in confusion and sometimes we even wait in indifference. Then there are times we wait helplessly, hopelessly, with our head's bowed and our hands in our pockets. How we wait is just as important as what we are waiting for. 

Waiting is the realization that God knows what he has done, will do, and can do. While waiting, your job is to put your faith into that realization. Waiting requires joy accompanied by the belief that what you need or request WILL be provided by God. Waiting is knowing and accepting that if it is good for you, if it will bless you and others, then what you request must happen ..but will happen in God's way. Waiting is having enthusiasm and excitement about where you are right now on the journey. Waiting is clarity about the "how comes" and " what for's" of yesterday that have prepared you for " YOUR GOODNESS" of tomorrow. YES! Waiting is good! However if you can not wait peacefully, faithfully, confidently,joyfully,gratefully and lovingly then you are waiting in vain! Today be prepared to look at how you are waiting for something and be willing to make any changes that allow you to trust, believe pray ..and then LET IT GO TO GOD.
~Iyanla Vanzant~ 

Lovely Carmen.

She listens patiently and quietly as I rant, and scream, and throw tantrums. She smiles. She smiles even bigger on the inside and reminds me: "Inner self, please."

And my emotions magically melt away. A big sigh of relief in very little words. She gets me. She reminds me to get off the rollercoaster, leave the amusement park, and take the slide instead. The slide has an end point.

It's because of those words that I've been able to stay centred these last few weeks. In my moments that I sense my emotions or my ego going out of control I hear her voice: "Inner self, please".

Ego, we are never, ever, ever getting back together.

She's on the road a lot but I'm so grateful to have her in my life every day despite physical distance. And funny enough, I just realized I somewhat do have her somewhat physically every day... For her birthday we made a cardboard cut out of her and a [video - click to watch] of our team wishing her a happy birthday (my favorite part is at 2:58 -- that was hard to keep a straight face behind the scenes while filming). Cardboard Carmen now protects my office and is the first thing you see upon entering.

I met Bruno Mars with my friend Steve years ago in Toronto and unfortunately he wasn't in the greatest mood, but it's undeniable how freakin' talented he is. And recently I found out he's been honing this talent since age 4! You have to see this video of him as the youngest Elvis impersonator. Make sure you watch his lips when the interviewer asks Bruno what he likes about Elvis. 

And THE best live video of "Locked Out Of Heaven"

Today's song of the day:If I knew - Bruno Mars

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