Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Soul Misses The Falling Eyelash Waiting To Be Wished.

“Love is the answer, said the songs, and that’s okay. It was okay, I supposed, as an answer. But no more than that. It was not a solution; it wasn’t really even an answer, just a reply.”

I notice you have limbs and a head and I really like that in a person. I also notice your heart beats and you've got a mind that thinks... I'm kind of into that. You walk by putting one foot in front of the other and that is so attractive. I bet when you feel intense emotions your heart just starts to race. That's kind of what I'm feeling right now. I can just imagine that the life you've had, taking each day 24 hours at a time. Sleeping and rising and filling your life with as much purpose as you can hold. Your life is just beautiful. Wow. You're quite incredible. You. Yes you!

I'm trying my best to love my best even through frustration, stress, and negativity. When people attack you and you send love in return, your work is done. When a friend confides in me of a negative situation or relationship I try to encourage: "love them through it". We're all fighting a hard battle -- or so I've heard ;)

Since I don't know the life you've lived, what you've been through, or what side of the bed you woke up on this morning, I can only hope that I can do my best to love you through whatever you're experiencing. But sometimes I may need to love you from a distance if the space is necessary and that's okay. 

Contrary to what would seem like logical thinking, putting up your defenses actually inspires others to put up their offenses. The truly defenseless need no defense, if you know what I mean.

En garde,

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