Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Putting Men On The Moon

I was told a story once, about a group of high level business executives getting a tour of NASA. They were brought to all the special behind the scenes areas, shown the most incredible awe-inspiring technology. They met some of the renowned explorers and inventors who have done such amazing things. An amazing experience to see all of this.

Along their way in the tour, one of the executives struck up a conversation with a janitor he saw sweeping the floors. The businessman said: "What do you do here?"

The man momentarily stopped sweeping, pointed up at the sky and said: "I'm putting men on the moon".

Thinking of this story inspires me so much and makes me think about my leadership in any role I'm in. There is no job that is beneath me. There is not one person that doesn't deserve my attention. Make a positive impact on every single person.

Say "hello", say "good job", say "thank you!"

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